Police Services

1The City of Crescent Springs contracts police services through the Villa Hills Police Department.

For police services information please visit their website.

To schedule a vacation check please fill out the online form.

Villa Hills Police Department
719 Rogers Rd
Villa Hills, KY 41017
859.341.3535 phone
859.341.3579 fax

24 Hour Police Contact Numbers
Non-Emergency: 859.356.3191
Emergency: 911

policeChiefA Message From the Police Chief

Dear Villa Hills and Crescent Springs Residents and Visitors;

I am Colonel Bryan S Allen Chief of Police for the Villa Hills and Crescent Springs Police department. I am going on my seventh year serving as the Chief of Police for the department. I would like to welcome you to our communities. On this website you will find important information about your police department, important initiatives and links to services or programs offered by the department and the community. It is one of the ways we strive to communicate and serve the members of our communities.

To the citizens of Villa Hills and Crescent Springs, you have seen your department grow and expand. We have hired quality officers and continue to be proactive. We use the latest strategies in policing to stay ahead of crime and problems. We keep the commitment to the citizens and visitors of both communities to use the community policing/problem solving approach to keep the communities safe and reduce crime. Your officers understand that community policing is not derived from a textbook; it is a mindset and a dedicated belief that without stakeholders and partnerships we cannot succeed in maintaining the quality of life that Villa Hills and Crescent Springs citizens deserve. My goal and commitment to the citizens of the communities we serve is to continue our service and to continue to improve every day in serving our citizens.

Our elected officials have been great to work with.  Villa Hills Mayor Heather Jansen and our Council members, Crescent Springs Mayor Justin Hartfiel and Council have understood the department’s vision and help to make our communities safer and better. Much could not have happened without their understanding and support. The city staffs lead by Craig Bohman in Villa Hills and Mike Daly in Crescent Springs help on a daily basis to move the mission of the department forward. I encourage everyone to thank them for their support and to view the department’s Mission Statement and Vision Statement online.

Finally, to the men and women who serve the citizens I say thank you. A person commends me for a good job but it is those officers that should be thanked. I give the direction to them but they are out there every day doing the great job. We have the finest canine team in the region and a great dog. That is from the effort of the officer and the hard work of the dog and officer. Onexx is nationally certified (NAPADA) and has been instrumental in apprehensions and getting drugs off the streets. I say “to be in the service of others with men and women that I respect like these officers; I shouldn’t have to ask for more than that”. Thank you to all and we will continue to be your department.

Col. Bryan S Allen