Look up/Pay Property Taxes Online

Property taxes are handled by the City Clerk/Treasurer, with annual tax bills mailed out in late September of each year, covering taxes due from January to December. The 2023 real estate tax rate is $.212 for each $100 of valuation, as assessed January 1, 2023. The tangible property tax rate is $.249 for each $100 of valuation, as assessed January 1, 2023.  Your most current tax information is available via the City website by clicking the Look up/Pay Property Taxes button above.

The due date each year is October 31st. A 10% penalty and 1% interest per month will be charged for any payment made after this date.

If paying after October 31, you must contact us for your tax bill total, as penalty and interest will have been added after this date.

Full payment of one’s tax bill is required, and can be made in person at the City Building or by mail to 739 Buttermilk Pike, Crescent Springs, KY 41017. Partial payments are not permitted.  Payment can be made by check, cash or money order.  Credit cards are accepted online and in person with a convenience fee charged for usage.

Taxes are used to cover the expense of operating your City government, including police and fire services, capital projects, and maintaining the streets and Community Park. To keep property taxes lower, the City also realizes revenue from an insurance premium tax, liquor license fees, a 1% payroll tax and a 3/4% business tax on gross sales.

Kenton County Taxes

The Kenton County Sheriff’s Department will mail your Kenton County Real Estate Tax bill in early October. Kenton County taxes are due December 31st, with a 2% discount available if paid by October 31st.  Additional information can be found at .

Please visit the Kenton County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) website at for additional information and to obtain forms for address changes and exemption forms such as Disability and Homestead exemptions (available to anyone 65 and over on their primary residence).

Businesses should visit Kenton County’s website for information concerning county and city business taxes at .