Mike Daugherty1

Mike Daugherty was appointed Mayor by Council on March 28, 2022. He served on Council from 2004 through 2010 and ran again in 2014. Mike has served on the Fire Authority since 2006 and was an active member of the CS/VH Fire Department from 1979-2005. He attended Covington Latin and NKU and is married with two children.   

Mayor's Budget Message 2024/2025 

As the mayor of our city, I am pleased to present the budget message for the fiscal year 2024/2025. This budget reflects our commitment to fiscal responsibility, community development, and the well-being of our residents. I am pleased to inform you that the City of Crescent Springs remains in a strong financial position. We have just completed another productive year in Crescent Springs. The city was able to accomplish a number of project initiatives. Our combination of location, low taxes, and first-class amenities makes Crescent Springs a top location choice for residents and businesses. This budget reflects the priorities outlined by the City Staff, Council, and the Finance Committee. Each year we take a strong look at expenses and how we can best utilize our revenue to make the biggest impact for the Crescent Springs community.

This budget provides police, fire protection, park, recreation, and road repair funding. First and foremost, this budget prioritizes public safety. We will continue to invest in our police, fire, and emergency services to ensure that our residents feel safe and secure in their homes and neighborhoods. This includes funding for additional personnel, training programs, and updated equipment to enhance our response capabilities. Additionally, we are dedicated to investing in infrastructure improvements to support our growing population and economy. This budget allocates funds for road repairs and public transportation initiatives to improve connectivity on Amsterdam Road.

The upcoming budget period is an exciting time for Crescent Springs with the playground in Lou Hartfiel Memorial Park now under construction. Equipment has been removed to prepare the site for the installation of a state of the art, ADA compliant and all-inclusive play area. The new play area will include a poured rubber surface and the addition of benches which will provide caregivers unobstructed views of their children at play. Miracle of KY & TN has provided the city with a design that promotes safety and accessibility for children and caregivers alike.

There is a much-needed vehicle in Public Works to replace our aging fleet. We are looking to replace truck #30 in this upcoming budget year. The replacement is a one ton with the salt package. This will include stainless steel bed, plow and salter. This vehicle is very important to our operations all year round and represents Crescent Springs when being driven throughout the city. I think you will find it evident that a substantial amount of effort and consideration has gone into constructing a budget that prioritizes maintaining essential services, making necessary infrastructure and park improvements, all while ensuring fiscal responsibility.

Preliminary highlights for the FY 2024/2025 Budget, with City Council's approval:

Employee increase 4% Employee pay increase Full-Time & Part-Time Admin.

Public Works Truck Purchase $109,058.

2-additional security cameras for City Building site $1,335.

Park Capital Outlay in the following areas:

  • Playground Equipment $500,000
  • Concrete curb for playground $15,000

FED/KY Grants Anticipated in the following areas:

  • Litter Grant $2,546
  • KLC Liability Grant $1,500
  • KLC WC Grant $1,500
  • LWCF Grant max $245,000
  • KY Energy & Environment Rubber Grant $115,550
  • Reeve Grant $24,999

Street Resurfacing & Repairs (Subject to change):

  • Harris Street Engineer’s estimate for the reconstruction of a portion of Harris Street $92,915
  • Park Street
  • Crescent Avenue
  • Railroad Parking Lot (Crescent Avenue near railroad tracks)
  • Park & Ride (Anderson at Eubanks)
  • Crack and Seal / Stripping City Building Parking Lot
  • Eubanks Drain (City Owned by 731 Eubanks Road)
  • Western Reserve Road
  • Old Crescent Spring Engineering Costs $15,000

Villa Hills Police Department $983,379.

Fire Authority:

  • S. Total - 4010 - $745,146
  • Firehouse - 4011 - $135,387
  • Fire Dept. Capital - 4012 - $25,200

Reimbursement for Expense in the following areas:

  • $302 bucket truck insurance
  • Interest income on investment

Miscellaneous / Admin expenses in the following areas:

  • Railroad Lease $2,044

Debt Service with the following areas:

  • Bromley Crescent Springs Rd - Ends FY 29-30 / Road payment 4 of 10 / $80,523.
  • Fire Authority Bond Payments - Ends FY 45-46 / 4th bond payment / $135,388.
  • Short Amsterdam Sidewalk Project - The total is estimated to be $2,488,300 and that figure includes funds that have already been committed to design. Our 20% local match would be $497,660 or approximately $166,000 for each (CS & VH) municipality / 4-years.

In conclusion, the 2024/2025 Budget reflects my goals and those of City Council to provide excellent government services to our residents. Our vision is to provide the best service possible to our residents and businesses in the most financially responsible way. In years past, survey after survey has demonstrated to us what matters to our residents and is vital to our continued success; public safety, social spaces, streets and sidewalks. Our budgets have always centered around those core values and next year's budget proposal is no different.

Finally, as Mayor, I continue to appreciate all the community input that I have received for our projects, city operations, and overall vision moving forward. Please reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have throughout the year. I look forward to starting the 2024-25 Fiscal Year and accomplishing great things for the City of Crescent Springs.

Mike Daugherty
Mayor of Crescent Springs