Code Enforcement

Marc Chapman
Code Enforcement Officer

Marc Chapman has been Crescent Springs Code Enforcement Officer since January 2022. Marc served 33 years in law enforcement and brings a wealth of knowledge to his position.  

Code violations are found while conducting inspections or by receiving complaints. If you have a question or a complaint, please contact Marc Chapman at 859.341.3017.

The Code Enforcement Officer works with property owners to bring their property into compliance with the International Property Maintenance Code, Local Government’s Zone Ordinance, and/or Code of Ordinances in the shortest time frame possible. The Code Enforcement Officer addresses reported violations of local ordinances related to the maintenance of all homes, apartment complexes, businesses and all yards/lots. He also provides inspections related to general structure maintenance, property maintenance, nuisance violations and zoning violations.

Warnings will be given for the first offense. If the issues are not resolved citations may be issued.

The property owner may file a written appeal of a citation to the Kenton County Joint Code Enforcement Board but must do so within seven days of the “Date of Issuance,” which is located on the civil penalty. Failure to appeal a citation within the indicated time shall result in the determination the property owner has waived their right to appeal, the violations were present on the property, and the issuance of the citation was proper. If your appeal request is received after the time allocated by law, then the appeal cannot be granted.