Boards & Committees

Boards & Committees

Board of Adjustments
Vince Albanese, Chair
Tony Hester
Ron Schierer

The Crescent Springs Board of Adjustments is a body established under state law to perform a number of decision-making activities associated with land use regulation. Like the Planning Commission, Board members are local citizens- appointed by the Mayor subject to approval by the City Council – and are not professional planners.

The three members of the Board of Adjustments attend hearings and review case reports, as well as attend training sessions as required by state law.

The primary duties of the Board of Adjustments are:

Hear property owner requests regarding variances to requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. For example, most zoning categories have a ‘setback’ requirement from the street and side and rear yard lines. If a property owner residing in a zone that required a six-foot side yard setback wanted to make a house addition that extended to four feet, they would need Board approval to do so.

Hear cases involving requests by property owners to have specified conditional uses permitted on their property. Every zoning category has a list of conditional uses that can only be allowed if approved by the Board. An example of this type of case would be allowing churches in areas zoned residential. Before a church locate, or expand, in a residential zoning district, they would need to apply for a conditional use permit from the Board.

Hear cases involving a change in land use from one non-conforming use to another. A non-conforming use is a land use that was once allowed by the zoning ordinance but due to a change in zoning law, it is no longer permitted. These uses are allowed to continue being operated unless there is a change, which then needs to be heard by the Board for final action.

Hear administrative appeals from decisions made by the zoning administrator. The zoning administrator is the person who is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. Any party who feels that an interpretation action was incorrect may appeal that decision to the Board for final determination.
Communications / Transparency Committee
  • Deborah Noe, Chair
  • Mike Daly
  • Chad Longbons
Economic Development
Mike Daly

The City Administrator is responsible for developing programs to bring and maintain businesses within our City. 

Events and Recreation Committee

  • April Robinson
The Events and Recreation Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. The committee plans and organizes the City’s yearly events.
Finance Committee
  • Nick Banschbach, Chair
  • Patrick Hackett, Co-Chair
  • April Robinson
  • Bob Flaherty
  • Mike Daly
  • Mark Wurtenberger
The City of Crescent Springs remains in a solid financial position due to the diligent budgeting process by the employees of the City, and the oversight of expense control by City leadership (Managers, Mayor, Council) and Finance Committee oversight.

A team of volunteers analyzes and reviews monthly financial performance and evaluates the financial statements and condition of the City’s finances.  The group meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 4:30pm.

2022 Financials 
2021 Financials

Human Rights Commission
The Human Rights Commission was established March 22, 2021.

Commission Members meet on the second Thursday of each month at 6pm.
  • Hannah Briner
  • Jason Abeln
  • Sue Cassidy

Introductory Letter from the Human Rights Commission
Complaint Process Summary
LGBTQ Resources

Contact the Human Rights Commission members by using the form below.

The Mission of the Crescent Springs Human Rights Commission is to promote and protect all human rights for all people in the community.

The Crescent Springs Human Rights Commission shall:

  1. Make an organized and concerted effort to foster mutual respect and understanding between people in the City of Crescent Springs.
  2. Initiate and encourage opportunities to work cooperatively with elected leaders, businesses and property owners, civic and community leaders, and citizens to develop awareness of the importance of welcoming diversity and fairness.
  3. Provide a forum to communicate about diversity and fairness.   
  4. Receive, investigate, and process complaints of discrimination as indicted herein related to public accommodations, employment, and housing discrimination in the City of Crescent Springs.
  5. Meet, discuss efforts to promote anti-discrimination, and plan and implement public events, training, workshops, and community activities to fight discrimination; and, accept gifts or bequests, grants, or other financial contributions to help finance its activities.
  6. On behalf of the City, the commission shall enter into a cooperative working agreement with the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights.
Municipal Tree Commission
  • Tonya Miller
  • Shirley Hartfiel
  • John Garrard
  • Don Fleming
  • Chad Longbons

The Municipal Tree Commission was established by ordinance in 1992 to manage, protect and care for the city’s trees. The powers and duties of the Tree Commission include providing public promotion, education and leadership in facilitating public awareness of tree conservation, protection and planting.
Public Works Committee
  • Mike Daugherty, Chair
  • Tonya Miller
  • Tony Hester
The Public Works Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 5pm.