Police Car

The City of Crescent Springs, in July of 2008, began contracting with the City of Erlanger for Police Services. This contract continues today.

The Erlanger Police Department is a full-time police agency headed by Chief Tony Wilson. The department is a well recognized law enforcement agency not only in Northern Kentucky but the rest of the state. Currently the agency has 51 sworn members. Customer service is what we provide and it is our goal to provide the best customer service possible. We do this by assigning a team of officers to each neighborhood of the cities – districts. This team is responsible for problem solving in their assigned neighborhood. Crescent Springs has been designated as District 2.

Lt. Mike Jansing is the District Commander, assisted by Sgt. Mike Leming and Sgt. Matt Kremer. Please contact one of them with any problem you may have and they will assist in any way they can.

To obtain a police report, call 727-7599. For non-emergency dispatch, call 727-2424.

For more information about the Police Department, go to City of Erlanger Police Webpage.

Lt. Mike Jansing

Sgt. Mike Leming

Sgt. Matt Kremer

We have officers that specialized in all aspects of law enforcement including accident reconstruction, bike patrol, K-9, search and rescue, and crisis intervention. We also have School Resource Officers and a Special Response Team that is trained to handle high risk incidents. We have a 4 member staff of Criminal Investigators that each specialize in different aspects of the criminal investigation process. We offer DARE (Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education) classes to our youth and RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) classes to women of all ages.

We encourage everyone to participate in improving the quality of life in the cities we serve and hope you will find a way to become involved. The police department has several programs that depend on active involvement from citizens like you. We offer Citizen’s Police Academies, VIPS – Volunteers in Police Services, Explorers Post – for young men and women thinking of a career in Law Enforcement, and Neighborhood Watch Programs.

The Erlanger Police Department also provides a 24 hour 9-1-1 Call Center that dispatches police, fire and emergency medical services for 3 cities including Crescent Springs. The center has 11 certified telecommunication operators.

Mission Statement

Performing Collectively to Provide Exemplary Services for Our Community with Integrity and Pride.

Our Vision: Safeguarding the Future

We Value: The Constitution, Integrity, Family and Loyalty

Our Motto: Be Proud, Be Honest, Be Nice, The Impression You Leave May Last Forever