Code of Ordinances

Code of Ordinances

The City is a subscriber to American Legal Publishing, a provider for the storage and online display of legal documents of public record. All Crescent Springs City Ordinances are available electronically by clicking the link below.  This service is provided to offer more convenient access to our City Ordinances, in lieu of having to visit the City Building or Kenton County Courthouse to review the hardcopy documents.

To view the City’s Ordinances, click the link below for the Table of Contents to begin your inquiry. The ALP site also provides a ‘keyword’ search box at the top of the left sidebar.

City of Crescent Springs, Kentucky Code of Ordinances

 Published Ordinances

ORD 2018-6 Adopting the Annual Budget for FY 2018-2019  Approved 6/25/2018

ORD 2018-10 Vacating the 5,000 Square Foot Parcel on Ritchie Avenue, More or Less
Approved 8/27/2018

ORD 2018-11 Providing for the Assessment of Real Estate and Personal Tangible Property within the Corporate Limits of the City of Crescent Springs     Approved 8/27/2018